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Remington 7600 Shotforce Adjustable Shotgun Pistol Grip Stock with X Series Recoil Reducing Butt-Pad

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Fits: Remington Pump Action and Semi-Auto Rifles: 7600, 7400, 760, 750, and 740 in all Calibers

  • Shotforce Pistol Grip Style Rifle/Shotgun Stock
  • TactLite Six-Position Adjustable Stock
  • Stock Changes Length of Pull From 9 1/4” to 13 3/4”
  • Compact for Transport/Carry
  • X1 Recoil Reducing Butt-Pad
    • Recoil Impact is Absorbed
    • Reduces Muzzle Lift
    • Eliminates the Felt Punch of the Recoil
    • Shoot Any Load Size with No Pain Transfer to the Shooter
    • Not Affected by Chemicals or Extreme Temperatures
  • Easy Installation
  • Adapters for All Supported Models Incluiding
  • All Mounting Hardware Included
  • Scratchproof And Weatherproof
  • DuPont® Extreme Temperature Glass Reinforced Polymer
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Note: Sling Swivel Studs Accepts ATI’s Sling Swivel (Part # A.5.10.2506) or any Standard Sling Swivel

Mount Patent # 6,374,528 B1

PDFRemington® 7600 Six Position Pistol Grip Stock with Scorpion Razorback Recoil Pad