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Universal Firearms Cleaning Kit

Pro-Shot Products Universal .22 Cal-12 Gauge Boxed General Cleaning Kit

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  • Stainless Steel Firearm Cleaning Rod Sections that Make a 32.5" Working-Length Rod
    • American Straightened Steel Used Throughout Manufacturing Process
    • Comprised of Softer Steel Than Barrel Steel - No Need to Worry While Cleaning!
  • Coating Step 1: Built-In Micro Polishing Process
    • Micro Polishing Builds Coating Into the Rod Surface Itself
    • Provides Mirror-Like Finish and Ultimate Protection While Cleaning
  • 2nd Step Revolutionary Smooth and Slick Coating
    • Provides Chemical and Heat Resistance
    • Protects Against Pick-Up and Embedding of Fouling On Rod
  • Brass Patch Holder for Rifle and Pistol .22 - .45 Caliber
  • Patch Holder for Shotgun
  • Adapter for Shotgun Accessories
  • Muzzle Guard
  • Nylon Bristle Bore Brushes:
    • .22 Caliber Pistol
    • .38 - .45 Caliber Multi Brush
    • .22 Caliber Rifle
    • .30 Caliber Rifle
    • .410 - 12 Gauge Multi Brush
  • Patch Holder
  • Chamber Brush
  • ProGold 1-Step CLP Lubricant
    • Clean and Protect In One Easy Step
    • Removes Lead, Powder, Plastic, Copper (Jacketed), & Primer Fouling
    • Rust Inhibitors and Special Additives Soak Into Metal and Provide a Corrosion Barrier
    • Protects Against Pick-Up and Embedding of Fouling On Rod
    • Evironmentally Friendly and Non-Hazardous
  • Single Step Needle Oiler
    • One Drop Application Where You Need It to Avoid the Mess!
    • Clean and Lubricate Otherwise Unreachable Areas
  • 100% Cotten Flannel Cleaning Patches
  • Full-Size Swivel Handle
  • Double Ended Nylon Bristle Gun Brush
  • Pro-Gold Grease Sample Packet
  • Silicone Treated Gun Cloth
  • Made in the USA